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In no particular order:



My dedicated and patient illustrator, THANK YOU for opening your heart to taking this journey with me.  Your love for the Lord, and your sweet voice in guiding me through the phase of building this book, was such a welcoming invitation.  I am forever grateful for finding you and gaining a new friend.  You have made the process so delightful, even when I over analyzed details.  Your talented artistry and creativity have shown through in this book.  Your experience and expertise in children’s book creating, has made this process worth doing again.

Jenny Stinson: EDITOR Boise, ID

Oh Jenny, how I feel I’ve known you my whole life. As my editor to Scarlett’s Journey and with more to come.  Thanks to checking your spam folder, and for suggesting to meet for a quick introduction over coffee.  I will always cherish our days of papers strung out on the floor, laughing at all the chaos.  The best part of this has been our friendship, even after all the emergency calls, last minute changes, and additional edits, everything worked out just like you said.    Running at a childhood fear of writing, couldn’t have been done without your love and support. You get me and I’m grateful for you.


Well here’s a case where we get to work together again!  Cosmic collision brought us together and I’m so happy I held on.  You are one of the most talented videographer’s I could have met.   From videoing Scarlett’s commercial to our book trailer.  You have a knack for bringing out the true vulnerable girl in me on camera. You see my soul and love for life and for that I couldn’t have asked for a more compassionate person to interview me.  I love your openness to try something new, while incorporating your talent in video and showing that magnetic personality.  I’ll be saying someday to that famous guy, “I was lucky enough to get to work with him”.  We’ll always find a way to work together, it’s written in the stars.   

Joyce & Bernie Kurtz: PEDDLER'S PACK STAMPS, Beaverton, OR

Thank you so much for your stamps of Scarlett.  We hope that others can enjoy her even after the story is over. You are so kind and creative to think of ways Scarlett can have an impression on others.  I appreciate you listening to my wild creations and keeping it real. I’m grateful to you and Bernie.


Jennifer Banes: WEB DEVELOPER, Boise, ID

When I needed you the most and didn’t know where to start, you came through like light.  As my web developer and friend I appreciate your fresh look and modern feel to the process. I enjoy our meet ups and creative times to put everything together. You understand the vision without much direction and you have created a masterpiece. I’m so grateful for you introducing Google docs, Wix, and cool plugins I wouldn’t have thought of.  You have mad skill with making things smooth and your organizational skills are awesome.  Thank you for taking this project on, I am so grateful to you.

Kelly Jean Badgley: VOICE OVER ARTIST, Pasadena, CA

Thank you for taking this book on and recording it!  It was such a treat to get a sneak peek into how you work.  I am ever grateful to your mother for introducing us.  Your talented voice, expressions and tech savvy skills made the VO version of the book a true hit!  I absolutely loved your personal touch by adding the recording to the end. I had no idea Scarlett was responding to me, until I hear the audio.  Thank you.


Bonny Becker: AUTHOR,  SCBWI  Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

Bonny if only you knew how much your workshop changed the entire process of this book!  I can’t believe I made it that day, after juggling a funeral service and still making it to the workshop.  Thank you for taking your personal time to guide me with some key points and lifetime takeaway in making this book a reality. I changed the entire direction of the book after that day. One day I will complete your suggestion, in writing the true story from my perspective. Thank you for being there in the path for me to benefit from.


Thank you for picking me up at a critical time, just in time for PRINT!  With your reassurance, professionalism and quality printing we were able to stay on task and meet deadlines.  I’m thrilled to have found a family owned business ran by real people who care about their clients and listen to their needs.  The cost and quality of the printing is so important in the process and you excelled at making it the best experience.  Thank you for putting up with my worries and questions.


Thank you so much Mary for your amazing talented sewing skills, on the last minute fly!  There’s no way the project could have come to life without your hand and vision.  For your selfless love and dedication to making the hand bag in less than 24 hours. Thank You!

Abby Miller: LUNARLIGHT, Boise, ID

My inner child’s cheerleader, you make everything appear in color.  When I’m standing on the cliff, you were there to decorate it. For opening my eyes to options, encouraging me to move into the next step.  For listening and for helping visualize the dream. Even though I dragged you in this, Scarlett made the first impression.  Thank you for keeping my feet to the fire and being my fire when I needed it.

Our deepest thanks, continued...

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