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When things don’t go as planned for this turkey family, Daddy finds himself in a challenging position of having to raise his babies alone. Daddy steps into his role with both feet - and feathers - doing the best he can without the help of his mate. He watches over his young, keeping them safe from predators, and snuggles with them at night under the stars. He encourages his little offspring to do their best in this heartwarming tale of a daddy who’s just doing his best. 


Author: Becky Dembowski

Illustrations by: Alicia Young

Editor: Jenny Stinson

Babies Daddy This Wasn't Our Birth Plan

  • Hardbound book cover with sewn spine to ensure durability for younger audiences. 

    Exceptional high resolution images and detailed illustrations.

    This book is recommended for children ages 5-10, although we think adults will enjoy it just as much!

    Great as a gift or to add to your book collection, also good for reading groups, schools, grandma's house, and home libraries!

    32 pgs.

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