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Scarlett captures our attention in this heartwarming story of helping others. Embarking on her own adventures, she joins in childhood games and becomes unlikely friends with a dog, a cat, and a turkey simply by loving fearlessly. More than just a runner duck, Scarlett illustrates her eloquent and quick-witted anthropomorphic ways throughout the story. As she matures, Scarlett’s natural instincts lead her back to a life with the rest of the runner ducks. Though the encounter with her human family was brief, her impact was everlasting. Scarlett’s Journey sparks children’s imaginations by allowing them to feel what it’s like to know such a special duck. Through these actual photos that have been illustrated, children can experience and enjoy Scarlett’s journey as much as we have.

Author: Becky Dembowski

Illustrations by: Alicia Young

Editor: Jenny Stinson

Scarlett's Journey PAPERBACK

$9.99 Regular Price
$6.49Sale Price
  • Cover is constructed with high quality thick paper, more flexible and less expensive than hardbound.  
    Exceptional high resolution and detailed illustrations.
    Easy to tote around, good for traveling, car rides, playdates, coffee shops, and home libraries.  
    Best for young audiences with adult supervision and for children ages: 5-10.  32 pgs.   

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