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Meet Becky!


When Becky and her husband David began their journey on The Little Farm In The City, they started with just an intimate stretch of property, along the outskirts of town… Now, a little over 15 years later, through elbow grease, dedication, perseverance and many lessons learned, they have transformed their little stretch of land into a beautiful and peaceful farmstead oasis, raising two great children, Gage and Ella, as well as countless birds including; chickens, turkeys, Runner Ducks, and peacocks along the way.

Becky has been caring for animals since the age of seven, everything from cats, to farm birds, even llamas, so it is no surprise that her life has lead her down a path surrounded by animals.  She lovingly takes in birds, whether ducks, turkeys, or peacocks, (just to name a few), who have been left to fend for themselves. Throughout her life, this type of generosity and selflessness is seen in the way Becky cares for everyone in her community as well. All that she has experienced and learned has enabled her to bring to reality, a dream of caring for people and pets, while satisfying her creative itch, through photography and owning her own marketing company.

Prior to creating her own business in writing and photography, she worked in the health field for over 27 years. She has a degree in Health Science with an emphasis in Marketing and Economics from Boise State University. Becky is also a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors, appreciating nature. She has been referred to by those close to her as, “Mother Nature’s daughter,” full of fashion, while also crawling on all fours to rescue some small animal from a muddy drain pipe...out to the coop before the sun rises, armed with rubber boots and overcoat, to tend to morning duties of the birds. “Becky makes the dirt sparkle,”  with coffee on, emails out, and family cared for, all before the rest of the world has even pulled the covers back.

Becky Dembowski is a very driven author, mom, wife, gardener, photographer, and friend to all who need some extra care. She is a light-hearted, fearless spirit, filled with pure joy. She’s a friend to ALL and an anchor of strength to those who are seeking life and empowerment. Her sunny, positive personality is a blessing to all who are a part of her world.


One of her major goals in life and from this project is, to encourage others to reach their full potential and work diligently at sharing their gifts with others!

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