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Meet Scarlett!

Scarlett was born on a rainy day in April. Soon after, she wandered from her nesting mother. After many attempts to reunite Scarlett with her mom, we realized she had already started “imprinting” to us.  Instantly I knew that Scarlett was unlike any other Runner Duck I had ever cared for, the bond was magnetic. Scarlett followed any pair of feet that was in front of her. She went anywhere and everywhere we were, it was like having a baby all over again. Scarlett’s personality quickly developed, her desire to be with you, her loud quacking and continued chatter, all the while showing us her fearless love for others, including humans, cats, dogs, and turkey’s.  Scarlett grew to love car rides, naps, water, grains, bananas and grapes.

 With all stories we must come to an end and Scarlett would eventually have to say goodbye.  She has had an everlasting impression on those she touched, our hearts full.

Meet Babies' Daddy!

When things don’t go as planned for this turkey family, Daddy finds himself in a challenging position of having to raise his babies alone. Daddy steps into his role with both feet - and feathers - doing the best he can without the help of his mate. He watches over his young, keeping them safe from predators, and snuggles with them at night under the stars. He encourages his little offspring to do their best in this heartwarming tale of a daddy who’s just doing his best. 

Although Becky saved the baby turkeys, their daddy quickly took on the role of protector and educator. Watching him call his babies up to roost at dusk, was especially heartwarming as she witnessed them nestle into his big chest and downy feathers.

Scarlett says thank you to our supporters!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude

This journey would not have been possible without the help of some very special people.  As my pit crew, my cheerleaders, the cliff decorators, the conductor to my destination.  When the train was about to derail or when I didn’t think it was going to happen, you ALL pulled me back on the track, fueled me, kept my eye on the prize and without you this book would not have come to life.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this journey… It’s about the people we meet along the way, we’re meant to do this together, to connect and in that I have already succeeded to the fullest!  It’s not about the sales, it’s about the process and in that I have all the riches.  To ALL my friends and family who tirelessly listened over and over about the needless details, and inner workings of this process and long journey.  I THANK YOU so much for all your encouragement and support, it never went unnoticed...

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